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Blog 5# PLN & Education

In the video posted by brad Bakers, he discusses how he used PLN and discusses how posting positive comments on other blogs or post needs to be done and encourages others to follow the same. He was against the whole concept of racism and indirectly tells us to be more compassionate towards others when we are trying to oppose their views. Stick to just the topic and not escalate to physical looks or features. Just the whole fact of imagining only positive views or constructive criticism gives so much high. Social media and the education sector are interlinked in the present generation. There are many platforms such as Chegg which are used to get the right way of solving an issue. Though such platforms are not advised, they can be used as a guiding space. Coursera is another platform which can be used to get a crash course on any selected course. It tests and gives assignments accordingly which gives us additional technical strength apart from the courses dealt with in school. 

Apart from all these, there are inter-institutional platforms such as Brightspace & Coursespace which not only help us view the instructions from the professor but also help us form groups and interact with each other in solving group assignments or anything related to the course. In addition to these, there are other networks such as YouTube which helps us view in-depth with any doubt related to any specific topic in the course. The whole society and the social media platform are in a vulnerable position, everyone in this sector needs to be respected and treated well. In order to ensure its safety and security, there need to be proper rules and boundaries drawn for each comment and severe penalties need to be imposed on people who try to invade others’ privacy on social media. There needs to be a group set up specifically for each social media platform to do policing for any abuses or complaints as such. 


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Blog 4# Balancing PLN, Media Literacy, & Public Discourse

In today’s world, social media has a very huge influence on others’ life. People have easier access to the lives of well-known people. Well-known people here are usually movie stars, politicians, businessmen, and rich people. They are followed and noted daily through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. All these well-known celebrities know how to handle their social media accounts, or they mostly have people managing their accounts. They try to maintain a close touch with their fans this way. This way the celebrities can have a positive influence on their fans. Daily tweets and statuses help these celebrities to stay in the eye of the public. We often see celebrities tweeting or apologizing for their wrongdoings on these platforms, this way creating a direct medium of contact between them and their fans. The public tends to follow anything and everything that their favourite celebrity does, and any good deeds are done by them would also be followed. 

A personal learning network or PLN is one very useful way of interacting with people, connecting with them, and understanding their thoughts and their preferences. It’s always a good idea to find online resources, share our thoughts and improve our knowledge. Getting day-to-day updates, following renowned celebrities and referring to their blogs are some of the ways. Community platforms are established by employers and can be accessed only by the company people. It has its own limitations as it has only company information and employers can easily log in to their accounts and get to know all the work-related content that they require from these platforms. Building a PLN technically means you release your information to the outside world and it’s on the internet. So, it’s always safe to make sure the circle of friends with whom you share any information is safe and the people are loyal. Trusting the right ones and building a good reliable reputation both are important. 

Media literacy is a means of accessing the information from the media in order to make some changes by communicating, creating and reflecting the information to the world. Media information when used properly is a positive sign. People, especially children are not given proper guidance to use media which leads to issues such as bullying, depression, body shaming and sexual and substance abuse. The proper way of dealing with the media and giving back should be taught by both parents and teachers. Staying neutral for both positives and negatives from the media is the key.PLN is one way through which views and perspectives are shared and opinions are generated likewise. Accepting all the viewpoints and varied opinions makes PLN diverse and helps promote its development. Public figures are the ones who are admired and followed everywhere. Each move from them has its own positive and negative effects. Some people tend to stand by them, and some do not. Differing viewpoints and opinions from people let them decide which side to choose. Social media is a platform where we can put forward any of our thoughts or opinions. Positive comments are appreciated, and negative comments need to be accepted. It always matters how we address any criticism on the public platform. Being respectful in the way you address a critical comment is the key point. The way we react will reflect our personal character, it can build or destroy it in a single go. Negative views sometimes point out the mistakes in our opinions which can be improved or corrected. So, respecting any comment should be taken care of. Sometimes, it’s best to get our facts right about any topic before we indulge in any social media banter. We tend to misuse our freedom of speech as soon as we come across any opinion or criticism without getting our facts rights which is wrong.

Blog 1# Feedback

Hi Isabella! Digital Identity has become a part of us. I didn’t even realize it until I started learning about it in the course. I agree with your statement that our normal life leads along with the knowledge that we are getting from the online platform. But also the security is at risk. Our private life might be publicized and it can be used as a threat by hackers and scammers. You have to make sure you create a safer environment for yourself and for others as well.

Blog 3# Inclusion & Community Engagement

Social media is a platform which gives access to health systems, education and job opportunities. It is a way of providing basic civic rights to all individuals. Social inclusion is a way of providing basic rights for people who have no or less opportunity for social media interaction.  Social media is created for interaction purposes without which it has no importance. Liking, sharing and commenting on pictures and posts gives an easier way of letting your inner circle know your whereabouts. Sharing your thoughts is the only way to make an interaction. It’s better not to go for perfection with everything, showing your flaws is a bold decision. Posting something that makes sure it creates an interaction is the main motive of social interaction. 

Social media interaction has its advantages and disadvantages. It has made sure that people stay in touch with each other be it, family or friends. It has made us meet very old friends in addition to the new ones. However, social media has also made people introverts. They become so dependent on social media that they make interactions and conversations only on social media and avoid making conversations with the real world. There comes situations where we cannot love without cellular phones and even a second without them would make us go mad. So, we need to make sure there is a proper check on the usage of social media in such a way that our real-world lives are not getting affected.

When asked a question, if it’s inclusive the answer would be a definite yes. When the environment is closed and safe, it will just be family and friends and it would be considered inclusive. The focus would be just sharing your life experiences with the immediate circle and continuing a closer relationship with them. When it comes to PLN amplifying the views of others, everybody’s views would have an influencing effect on each other’s life. It’s always the right perspective that we consider.

Social media is one platform where you can witness both negativity and positivity. People tend to voice out whatever they feel like despite the fact that it might be right or wrong. Opinions, thoughts and suggestions are shared on this platform and it all depends on how we receive them.


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Visitor and Resident mapping is a great way to explain the use of technology. When, where and how technology needs to be is properly explained in this mapping technique (While, 2014). It gives a proper visual interpretation of how individuals engage online. The visitor end of mapping just means how an individual can view his/her requirements online without leaving any hint or trace on social media whereas the Resident end of mapping is how individuals interact with people online socially, share their opinions and obtain connections leaving behind a trace of them socially. For example, when we are just googling something online, we get whatever information we required, close the tab and do not go back to that again, i.e., visitor end of the spectrum whereas our motive completely changes when we are on the visitor mode, our main motive is to connect with people online and we leave a trance.

Furthermore, there is a thin line between personal and institutional curricula. Professionally/institutionally, there are many digital platforms developed in recent times that help students for example zoom, LinkedIn or indeed. In the covid situations during the last 3 years, we all are aware of how we are not able to attend school physically and zoom has played a very vital role. Zoom sessions were held for every class which has helped us learn the subject through physical interaction was not possible. LinkedIn or indeed is a great way to deal with creating resumes, connecting with HRs, getting to know all the companies and staying in constant touch with people all around the world. Personally, the digital platforms that I would rely on are Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. These help me personally to stay in touch with my friends and family.

Privacy and security are concerns for personal identity. For example, there was a situation when I was using LinkedIn which I was using to establish connections and it happened so, that my Facebook was connected which my LinkedIn. I failed to notice that all the HRs were able to view my personal posts and pictures. That’s when I realized there needs to be a check between personal and professional accounts. Immediately, I unlinked my Facebook with LinkedIn. Keeping a check on these small things is important.

My VR Map


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Blog 1# Personal Learning Networks and Digital Identity

The evolution of the internet over the recent past has created a platform to share, connect and formulate your opinion. It has both merits and demerits. Both professional and personal lives are out in the world, and it carries their own pressure. Social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have helped us stay in touch with our loved ones across the globe and have made sure we let them know about our activities on a regular basis. Posting pictures or blogs and formulating our visions on a social media platform has made our families know more about the places we visit or the people we talk to, that way we are always guided. There is always a need to maintain personal and professional life separately just like maintaining personal and private accounts on social media. The new-age developments have made us choose this path for our own safety and better opportunities. 

Personal accounts can have all our pictures and videos which are shared with only our near and dear ones whereas the private accounts can have all our vlogs or professional related activities which can help us connect with people who can help us establish a better career.

There are various professional platforms such as LinkedIn & Indeed which have proven many times how effective they are in searching for the right career. Building resumes or getting to know more about the different corporate sectors along the line have all been possible only because of the existence of these platforms. It is more common these days that we see both remote and non-remote jobs. Different kinds of opportunities and skills have been constantly updated on a regular basis for fresh talents and skills.

I am glad that I had the right people, family and teachers around me to help me know the demerits of social media as well. Proper guidance is needed, especially for teenagers to be able to differentiate between right and wrong. As they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure, especially when there are many dating apps around, where people sometimes try to hide their identities for their own needs, its always better to be careful. 


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Hi everyone! My name is Sreevyshnavi Tejovath. I was born and raised in Hyderabad, India. Having spent most of my life in the southern parts of India which is known for its vast culture and diversity made me realize the richness of my heritage. Hailing from a family of doctors, I was exposed to the service that needs to be provided to people from a very early age. Also, having parents belonging to two different cultural backgrounds has made me explore different food varieties, clothing styles, different kinds of people, languages and many more. Travelling and exploring places have been my favourite I chose Canada.

I moved to Canada in 2018 in order to finish my bachelor’s in engineering and figure out of a bright future for myself. Balancing both studies and exploring new places since then, has given me an opportunity to know myself better. The whole of 2018 was a complete cultural change for me personally and adapting to my new life didn’t take much time. Getting to know various cultured people, their food habits, visiting new places and creating space for myself has made me a better person over the years. 

Furthermore, I moved to Toronto to continue with my education in 2019. Though I was unhappy with my decision initially, it slowly made me realize how strong a person I was each time I faced a tough situation and overcame it. I met a lot of new people and made some very strong friendships which are lifelong. Travelled the whole of Toronto, and I must say visiting Niagara Falls for the first time has been one experience that I will cherish forever. Each time the splashes of water touched my face, I felt a sense of warmth something close to my mother’s hug. I happened to work at Walmart as a part-timer during summer, a whole new experience earning money for myself and making me feel independent. Making conversations with strangers and helping them used to make my day. Good grades, strong friendships and personal satisfaction were some of the things I take back from my stay in Toronto.

Moved back to Victoria in 2020, the place which gave me everything. Meeting new people, making conversations, enjoying the spring and juggling with studies has become a part of my day-to-day life.

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